PayPal is already taking shots at Apple Pay

PayPal has already stated that it doesn’t really see Apple Pay as a threat because of its ‘limited functionality’, but that isn’t stopping it from firing a few shots at Apple’s new system and making fun of the company. This is how business works folks, you might not see your competition as a threat, but you still have to make sure everyone else knows it.

Of course the best way to reach a large number of people at once is through social media, and PayPal’s twitter account posted this tweet last night:

The recent iCloud hack is clearly a major embarrassment for Apple, despite the fact that the company claims no wrongdoing. Since Apple Pay was announced a number of people have been concerned about the security implications of the system, especially in the wake of the mass exodus of celebrity pictures from iCloud accounts.

Apple itself has stressed that Apple Pay is totally secure and since payment details are not kept on Apple servers or devices, it means that a breach similar to the one that occurred with iCloud is not going to happen. But that hasn’t stopped PayPal from stirring things up a bit, and it has mentioned the difficulties of running a mobile payment system in the past. Namely it’s not something you can jump up and decide to do.

In any case it all boils down to the fact that PayPal has everything to gain from Apple Pay not being a riveting success.

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Tom Pritchard