EE customers can now use their phones to pay for London travel (unless they use an iPhone)

Last month, we told you that EE customers would be able to start using their phones to pay for travel on the London Underground, tram, DLR, Overground and National Rail services, and today is the day that dream becomes a reality (if you’re an Android user).

EE customers have already been able to make mobile payments on London buses, but now you can literally get rid of your Oyster card in place of your phone, so another item in your bag that your phone’s gone and killed off.

The Cash on Tap service, as it’s called, was launched last year, and is due to be compatible with over 500,000 customers’ handsets by the end of the year, but sadly the iPhone isn’t one of them yet. There will be no added charges for using the app, and Monday to Sunday capping means that you’ll definitely be paying the best value fare for their contactless travel.

Pippa Dunn, Chief Consumer Marketing Officer, EE said: “The TfL network carries more than 30 million journeys  around the capital every day, and contactless payments can help make these journeys easier and quicker for London’s residents and businesses.”

The Cash on Tap app is available for free via the Google Play store.

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Hayley Minn

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