The Apple Watch was apparently inspired by the iPod Nano

The Apple Watch was shown off to the world last week, and many people have already drawn up comparisons to the sixth generation iPod Nano which was released in 2010. It’s not hard to see where the comparisons are coming from, both have a square face with a touch screen, and a number of people actually bought a strap so that they could wear the iPod Nano on their wrists. It was a smartwatch before the concept of a smartwatch had been thought up.

As it turns out, an anonymous source claiming to be a former Apple designer has confirmed that the iPod Nano was the starting point for the Apple Watch. Speaking to Cult of Mac, they said that Apple has been working behind closed doors improving the design and adding integral new features like the digital crown and fitness sensors.

We should take this with a pinch of salt, since we have no definitive proof that this is what Apple actually did. But it’s the kind of thing we all believe since the Apple Watch does look remarkably similar to the iPod Nano when you stick it in a watch strap. If it is true, then it would certainly explain why Apple opted for a rectangular watchface rather than the far superior looking round watchface.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever find out, but we can compare the two in a more in-depth fashion when the Apple Watch is released sometime next year.

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Tom Pritchard

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