The Apple Watch looks so much better with a round face

When we first saw the Apple Watch on Tuesday evening, my first thought was “a rectangular watch face? I thought we were past that.” Not totally, since the likes of Asus, Samsung, and Sony are sticking to the ’70s-esque rectangular watchface, but thanks to the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R, we have a glimpse at gorgeous round faces smartwatches can offer us.

UX and UI designer Alcion decided that the rectangular watch Apple showed off was not good enough, so with a little bit of photoshop magic we can now see what the Apple Watch might look like if Apple had gone down the route of the round watchface. As you can see it is gloriously round, and an incredible sight to behold.

As you can see the round face works perfectly with the Apple Watch’s existing interface. The home screen with all its little bubbles looks perfectly at home, and the clock and activity monitors seem to fit perfectly in the new screen. Unlike the rectangular face which has a fair bit of wasted screen space.

Jony Ive take note. Your current watch looks a bit retro, and not in a good way. Round watch faces are the future, because they actually look like a proper watch. Make sure you get the Apple Watch 2’s design right.

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Tom Pritchard

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