What to expect at tonight’s Apple iPhone 6 reveal

After many months of waiting, the big iPhone reveal is set for tonight. But those of you who haven’t been obsessing over the rumour mill the past few weeks might not know what to expect, so here’s our list of what should be happening during the reveal.

The products


We’ll most certainly be seeing one, if not two, iPhones on display at tonight’s event since that’s the whole point of the thing. Rumour has it that the iWatch might also be on show, but that’s not entirely certain. Since this is the first press event since Apple’s acquisition of Beats we may see some indication of the plans Apple has for the company, especially if there are any high-end audio accessories for the iPhone on the way. We can also expect to hear quite a bit more about iOS 8.

It’s incredibly unlikely that we’ll be seeing any of the updated iPads this evening, and the rumours are that Apple will unveil them, and possibly other updated Apple products, at a separate event sometime next month.

The speaker

In all likelihood the main speaker at tonight’s event will be Apple CEO Tim Cook, as is customary of these announcement events. It can be assumed that there will be other speakers on stage as well: Jony Ive will likely be out to talk about all things design, whether it’s the iPhone, iWatch, or iOS 8. If Beats are featured then it would also make sense for us to see Dr Dre or Jimmy Lovine on stage showcasing the new products.

The announcements

Apple wallet

Aside from the obvious unveiling of Apple’s new products, it would make sense for Apple to announce some details about pricing, release dates, and possibly even Apple’s new partnerships.

Amongst the announcements that have been rumoured are the unveiling of Apple’s ‘iWallet’ mobile payment system, and more about Apple’s HealthKit app and how it will tie in with medical institutions across the world.

No doubt there will be plenty on show tonight, and some of it might have escaped from the wrath of the leakers and the rumour mill. We may have missed some stuff, and we’ll start finding out in around four hours time.

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Tom Pritchard