ChitChat is like Snapchat for voice mssages

Snapchat is great for sending pictures without having to worry about deleting them later to save space on your phone. It’s also great for sending things you’d rather people didn’t have a choice in saving. ChitChat is utilising the same formula and applying it to voice messages instead, so you don’t have to deal with annoying voicemails.

The app uses your phone number and lets you see which people in your contacts actually use ChitChat, and by tapping and holding the speaker icon you can send someone a message. The instant you release the message is sent to your contact, and once they’ve listened to it, just like Snapchat, the message gets deleted.

It’s currently only available on iOS, but if you really need to get in touch with someone and a text just doesn’t quite cut it then its definitely an interesting way to do it. [CNET]

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Tom Pritchard