Apple announces Apple Pay, its mobile payment system. No UK launch date yet

Apple wants to kill your wallet and the antiquated technology inside it, especially that pesky insecure magnetic strip. Apple wants a system that’s easy to use, secure, and innovative. Except it didn’t really go for the innovative part since they just went ahead and used NFC like the rumours suggested. Introducing Apple Pay, a mobile NFC-enabled wallet just like everyone else has already done.

But despite the fact that mobile payments have been around for a long time, they haven’t really been adopted by mainstream society. Heck, contactless credit and debit cards are still only accepted in a small number of establishments. The real clincher behind Apple’s announcements were the sheer number of partners that have signed up to accept the new system.

McDonalds, Subway, and Uber will all start accepting Apple Pay, along with a number of US centric companies like Whole Foods and Walgreens. But that’s not all, Apple has also teamed up with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Gorupon, and a massive number of banks to ensure that you won’t miss out on Apple Pay just because your bank gave you the wrong type of debit card with your account. Oh and of course, Apple is installing Apple Pay in all of its retail stores.

No the problem is that Apple Pay is, for the time being, only available in the US where it will launch next month. Bummer. Fortunately, Apple has promised they it is working incredibly hard on ensuring that it’ll be available internationally.

Let’s hope they get to it because as much as I hate to admit, if anyone can ensure that mobile payments become as widespread as card payments it’s Apple. Just as long as they stop pretending like they came up with the tech that makes it happen.

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Tom Pritchard

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