Musos, take note: wireless video streaming headphones are coming

Most of us are plugged in to our headphones a lot of the time (what did we do before we always had our music and podcasts on the go, actually spend time alone with our thoughts? Ew). But aside from cancelling out our neuroses and a bit (or a lot) of external noise, our headphones tend not to do that much. Some are better quality than others, of course, but often only serious audiophiles can tell the difference.

But now a new design is bringing serious innovation to headphones for the first time in forever. SoundSight claims to have made the world’s first video recording headphones. They let you listen to music just like any other pair (and have a noise cancelling option, too), but they offer a lot more besides.

They come with a 1080p camera that rotates 270 degrees, six microphones, voice control and an accelerometer, all of which mean you can capture video from the wearer’s point of view and record or livestream it. (If you’re in a band and you’ve been looking for a relatively low-cost way to make concert videos, you might have just found it).

An integrated app (available for Android or iOS) will allow you to make edits, including applying filters and a ColorTune feature that matches video colours to music notes. These cans are even wireless, and the company says they should last for four hours of full-featured usage, or 18 hours with just the noise cancellation turned on. Plus, their shiny silver façade is a good look.

As you’d expect, though, they don’t come cheap. They’ll officially launch in spring 2015 for $500 (£292) but you can pre-order a pair from today for $349 (around £204), not including postage.

Diane Shipley