Emoji Yoga is now a thing

So, yeah, Emoji Yoga is a thing now. Including everything from the smiling pile of poo to dancing ladies, you can now actually try out Emoga for yourself, in London (of course).

According to the Evening Standard, the class starts with ‘a poo (turd) emoji task warm-up position.’ Participants then stretch out for a screaming cat-face emoji, then an angry yellow person with face-mask posture, followed by a dancing lady with a red dress asana. Interesting.

Created by 20 year-old Charlotte Bell, who gives private lessons to friends in Hackney and UCL, classes are arranged via emojis on WhatsApp.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, she said: ‘Yoga is the perfect way to express one’s current emoji mood.’

The pictures, on the Evening Standard website, make this craze look like any other yoga, if we’re honest, but we do love emojis, so maybe it adds that bit of fun we need into exercise.

Image via Andrey

Hayley Minn