The i-Bell is the doorbell you never knew you needed

We’re going to go ahead and assume you’ve never felt any resentment towards your doorbell for being average. It’s just a doorbell after all. That’s exactly what we thought until we saw the i-Bell, which makes all other doorbells now seem redundant.

The i-Bell is the WiFi Video doorbell you never knew you needed. It connects to your smartphone wherever you are in the world, meaning you’ll never miss that extremely important ASOS delivery again (other online clothing stores are available).

The i-Bell will ring in your home as well as on your phone, and your laptop, and has additional features including cloud access to store images of anyone calling at your home, a motion detector, remote video activation for surveillance and security, Concierge Service and Voicemail.

Currently available to buy on Kickstarter, the i-Bell is selling for a minimum of £135.

Hayley Minn