Will the Casper mattress change the way we sleep for good?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using activity trackers to monitor how well I sleep and the results have been pretty eye-opening with many of the devices serving up suggestions about how I could get more deep sleep or fall into dreamland a little faster. But now interesting new startup Casper believes the quality of kip we get isn’t really that dependent on when we last used a computer or how much exercise we got that day, but it’s all about the quality of our mattress. Makes sense, right?

US-based Casper plans on shaking up the mattress industry by offering customers just one kind of product in three different sizes. Anyone in the continental US can then have it shipped to them free-of-charge and it even comes in a small box, like other online mattress companies, so you’re not waiting around for a huge lorry all day.

But these aren’t just any old mattresses, a lot of thinking has gone into what makes the perfect sleeping experience and Casper may have just nailed it. According to The Next Web, the startup set up its own sleep lab and monitored how well people slept on all kinds of different mattress designs.

Although Casper is only shipping to those in the US at the moment, we’re interested in seeing whether customers claim their sleep has improved and whether Casper’s innovative direct-to-customer business model proves to be a success.
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Becca Caddy