WellBiome believes analysing stool samples is the key to a healthy lifestyle

WellBiome is a startup that analyses the DNA inside your tummy in order to provide you with all kinds of personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Based on the premise that advice about health and nutrition is far too general, the Estonian company believes that analysing what’s going on in your body and understanding the unique composition of bacteria in your gut can impact on your weight, energy levels and general well-being.

In order to properly analyse what’s going on inside your body, the WellBiome team need a stool sample. Yep that’s right, it sounds a bit icky, but your poop needs to be sent off in a special kit in order for it to be analysed. The sample is then sequenced in a lab so specialists can determine your one-of-a-kind microbiome composition.

It’s hard to tell whether WellBiome’s work will revolutionise the way we eat and live our lives or whether it’s a bit of a gimmick built to prey on hypochondriacs all over the globe. Either way it’s interesting that expensive testing usually only available to medical professionals may soon be as easy as paying € 129,00 and sending off a box filled with your stool samples.

Becca Caddy