Kittyo: Play with your cat when you're not at home


You know how everyone moans about technology breaking down relationships and stopping us communicating with one another? Well it’s here to destroy that loving bond between a cat and its owner too.

Enter Kittyo, it’s a device and app combo designed to stop you feeling guilty about leaving your pet alone. The Kittyo allows you to watch what your cat’s up to, move a laser around to play with your cat, speak to your cat, record your cat’s crazy antics and even dispense treats, which probably makes it more fun than most of us are in person.

The Kittyo team had been looking for $30,000 on Kickstarter to further fund the kitty-loving project, but with a whole 31 days to go they’ve already smashed their target three times over.

Check out the Kittyo on Kickstarter here.

Becca Caddy

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