Moov combines fitness tracking with personal training


Could this be one of the best online personal training devices on the market? It’s Moov, a gadget that combines fitness tracking with personal training, leaving you nowhere to hide when it comes to working out and working out well.

Many fitness tracking devices, calorie counting apps and activity monitors work on the premise that if we could just see how we behave each day through detailed data analysis we’d be more compelled to make big changes and compete with how we performed yesterday. Although there’s a lot of science to suggest seeing what you’re up to day in and day out can force you to change your habits, Moov is a little different because it doesn’t just serve up a load of stats, it provides you with real time audio feedback about what you’re doing, how much you’ve done and, interestingly, how you can improve. Now this can be anything from changing your form a little during a round of golf before you take a swing or telling you to land softer while you’re running in order to avoid injury.

Of course this is just like having a personal trainer by your side, only SO MUCH BETTER. There’s no need to worry about your sweaty head, whether your body is bouncing up and down in an embarrassing way or how you’re going to pay that five grand bill for each session.

Moov is set to launch this summer and to start with it’ll track and train you in five key activities: running, biking, swimming, cardio boxing and weight training (with yoga and golf coming soon) – each with a separate dedicated application.

The Moov itself is a tiny coin-like gadget that comes equipped with a number of super-advanced sensors and a battery that’ll last up to ten hours. Its shape and teeny tiny form mean it can be attached or clipped to all kinds of clothing or accessories and according to rumours the team are working on even more innovative ways to attach it to things so it can track all kinds of different (and more unusual) activities.

If Moov delivers on all of its promises and the personal training feature is as valuable as its demo video suggests (and not just irritating) then it could be a game-changing device, leaving simple step-tracking wearables well and truly in 2013.

Moov is expected to arrive in Summer and will cost around $120.

Becca Caddy