Ototo: Synthesizer board lets you make music from ANYTHING


It may look a little like an unfinished circuit board, but this cute device is called an Ototo. It’s a small synthesizer that you can play with your fingers or hook up to other conductive objects, like fruit, paper, metals… The list of things you can turn into a musical instrument is pretty much endless.

Designed by Dentaku for creative types that are into music (not super techie geeks or programmers), the Ototo uses sensors, inputs and touchpads that can be hooked up to different surfaces with the help of crocodile clips.

The simple nature of the Ototo means users can really let their imaginations run wild, using the kit to just have fun attaching the clips to weird and wonderful objects, prototyping a new controller idea or creating an interactive sound installation.

The team doesn’t just throw an Ototo your way and expect you to go it alone either (but you totally can if you’d like), Dentaku also runs workshops dedicated to collaboration and sharing musical creativity amongst like-minded individuals.

The Dentaku team has been looking for funding on Kickstarter in order to turn the Ototo musical dream into a tuneful reality. Fortunately they’ve already surpassed their funding goal of £50,000, but with another few days left to go you can still pledge £45 for your own Ototo Pack, containing a board, 12 crocodile clips and a guide to get you up and running.

Becca Caddy