Has Nokia just labelled Apple iPhone users as zombies?

Is Nokia labeling all iPhone users as zombies? Well that appears to be the rationale behind the company’s new ad for its Lumia 925 Windows powered mobile phone.

The ad features a street full of iPhone touting zombies taking images in low light with powerful flashes shooting off everywhere. The implication is that if you use the iPhone flash in this way then you’ll get whited out subjects with red eyes like zombies.

Unlike with the Lumia 925 which the company says promises: “The best pictures in any light. Even without the flash.”

The ad is part of an ongoing campaign by Nokia to underline its credentials as a market leader in camera phones. The 925 certainly has an impressive 8.7 mega pixel camera and Nokia will soon properly unveil the Lumia EOS PureView camera which may boast a 41 megapixel sensor.

Camera quality is one of the easiest ways that other makers can take on the iPhone – for more on that and their other tactics see here.

Apple is however likely to respond with an enhanced camera on the iPhone 5S which ironically enough may deal with some of the issues created by its powerful flash.

So what do you think. Has Nokia gone too far with the Apple-bashing this time?

Ashley Norris


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