Apple iPhone 5S rumours – it is all about the camera

apple iphone5sdual lens.jpgWe ran a feature last week about the different ways that makers are taking on the Apple iPhone, and one of the key ways is to add cameras that are way superior to those on the Apple device.

There are rumours though that Apple is striking back. Phone Arena has what it is billing as a leaked photo which it says shows that the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S will have a dual LED flash. The idea being that one of the lights in the dual flash will include a blue tint. This will keep the white balance lined up and could significantly improve image capture quality.

Apple has been rumoured to be working on enhancements to the camera of the iPhone 5S so this would make sense. The clever money at the moment seems to be on the 5S also having an improved resolution camera – possibly 13 megapixels – a fingerprint scanner and possibly an NFC chip.

Ashley Norris