More evidence that BlackBerry has a Phablet called the U10 on its way

Jefferies’ analyst Peter Misek, who you might remember the other day for saying negative things about Apple, is bigging up one of its rivals – BlackBerry.

The analyst bases his optimism for the company on plans that he has seen which include the launch of 2-3 additional BB10 models before year end.

Among those slated to launch are a Z10 style touch screen device with a five inch screen and mid-range touch and keyboard style devices.

We saw a leak about the future of BlackBery a while back which included a model called the U10 which had a five inch screen and looked like it would be launching at the end of the year.

Personally I think that Blackberry needs to get a phone with a big – 4.5inch plus – screen and a keyboard out asap.

Ashley Norris