Apple iPhone 5S, low cost iPhone and iPhone 6 delayed says analyst. But is he right?

Last week we ran a story in which Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities suggested that Apple was having serious issues with its range of products for 2013 and that there might be delays in getting them to market.

This has now been confirmed by another source who came to the view that the iPhone 5S, budget iPhone and iPhone 6 have serious pre-production issues after a visit to Apple’s Asian suppliers.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek says that the big issue for Apple is the delayed launch of the iPhone 5S which he thinks will have a knock on effect on other launches. He also adds that he has seen no evidence of an iWatch

So the iPhone 5S, which was due in July, might not arrive until later in the year causing a delay to the low cost handset too.

Misek said, ‘After our Asia trip we now think the low-cost iPhone launch could be pushed to CQ4 and have increased confidence that the iPhone 6 will not launch until CY14.’

He added

‘iPad mini refresh unlikely in CQ2 and if it does occur it would involve very low volumes due to yield issues of the new on-cell retina screen technology. iPad 5 refresh may occur in CQ2 but volumes also look very low. We have not yet seen any evidence of iWatch production.’

The worry for Apple is that growth in spring, summer and autumn might be sluggish as more people choose better specified devices from Apple’s rivals or decide to wait until the end of the year before upgrading.

Before Apple fan persons get too upset though, Misek does have a habit of taking a negative view on Apple, not all of which came true. You can see them here.

Ashley Norris