Massive battery life, super loud ringtone… Is this the ultimate festival phone?

Here is a very smart bit of PR. It revolves around the amplicomms M6900 which as you probably don’t know is a basic mobile phone aimed at those who are hard of hearing.

Well in a very clever twist its makers are rebiling it as a festival phone.

Leave your smartphone at home – they say – and instead take the amplicomms M6900

It will apparently…

* Run for seven days without needing a charge

* Features a super loud ring tone that is more than a match for any ageing festival rockers

* Has a boost button so you can hear conversations no matter how noisy the background is

* Comes with an integrated torch for helping you find your tent

* Boasts an SOS button to call 5 selected nearest and dearest until the call is answered if you have an emergency – or need to pester someone for more funds

They then suggest for that for the rest of the year that your Gran can use the phone!

Mind you looking at this haul of smartphones that got left behind in a Brighton club in one night they might have a point.

The phone is available here for £59.99

Ashley Norris