Leak shows big screen BlackBerrys (U10 and R10) and a new Playbook tablet

In what is likely to be the most interesting leak of the week Twitter account @BB10Leaks has posted a image of what purports to be BlackBerry’s road map for the next twelve months, and there are some big surprises.

The first is that the company is apparently working on a pair of big screen BlackBerrys aka Phablets. Like the Z10 and the upcoming Q10 they would use the latest operating system – BlackBerry 10.

If the screen size is proportionate to the devices that we know – the Z10 and Q10 (which have 4.2 and 3.1inch screens respectively) I’d guess that the U10 would have at least a five inch screen with the R10 nudging four inches. Interestingly Blackberry has once again gone with the touch screen device first – aka the U10 – with the keyboard sporting R10 due in a year’s time.

Before then it looks like the company is going to launch a second Playbook tablet in the summer. The first Playbook was a bit of disaster for the company but the newie seems like it will have a screen size of between 8-10 inches.

So what do you think? As a roadmap it certainly seems very plausible.

Ashley Norris