In My Words: App replaces words you hate with those you love


Do you remember when we made the world a slightly better place by erasing mentions of Chris Brown from the internet? Well now you can actually get rid of every word or person or thing you’re not too keen on and replace it with something you like instead.

The new Chrome extension called In My Words allows you to replace any word, name, acronym or phrase with something else. So simply identify the words you don’t like, maybe “LOL” really grinds your gears, and replace it with something you do, like “funny” or “laughing” instead.

Lifehacker suggests that you replace Obama and Romney with names of dwarves from Snow White, which we’re whole heartedly behind. Just be careful if you use the internet a lot of work and start replacing tonnes of words, it could get you into a spot of bother and lead to a lot of confusion…

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[Via Lifehacker]
Becca Caddy