12 Instagram alternatives: Camera+, Picplz and Deja Mi


Although we don’t really understand why people are getting quite SO angry about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, we do get that a few of you will be shopping around for alternatives this morning. So here’s our selection, depending on what it is you loved so much about the popular app before it was gobbled up by Facebook…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this morning (or maybe you’re just not a huge app geek, in which case WHY NOT?!), you’ll know that Facebook has bought Instagram. It’s pretty big and unexpected news, but now we’re all left wondering whether we actually care and whether it’ll have an impact on the way we use the photo app in the future. Either way, you might want to start looking for something that allows you to edit, or share, or blur your photos in a similar way, so we’ve collected together a few of our favourite alternatives.

If you’d rather edit your stuff online…

If you enjoy editing your photos but you often sit at your desk fooling around with Instagram, then try a web-based editing tool instead.

We like Picplz for simple filters and sharing across your networks (and it IS a mobile app too if that’s your thing), Pixlr-o-matic for a big range of different effects and Instant Retro for adding filters then tweaking different elements, like saturation and lightness.

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If you like the filters but want something a little bit different…

If you enjoy making photos of your face/flat/cat look better with the help of lots of lovely filters but you’re getting a bit bored, then try Cinemagram, it’s packed full of vintage effects but allows you to animate certain parts of your image too.

There are also lots of video editing apps that give your creations a vintage look, our favourites are Viddy and iSupr8. Why be constrained by a static photography anyway?!

If you want an app just like Instagram that hasn’t had Zuckerberg’s grubby mits on it…

If you’re a big fan of everything Instagram has to offer but you don’t like the fact it’s now in bed with Facebook, then there are plenty of alternatives that provide you with the same kind of dedicated community (even if it’s smaller), editing tools, sharing options and simple interface, like newcomers deja mi and Via.me, or our old favourite Hipstamatic.

If you’re into fun filters…

If messing around with filters and editing tools makes you happy but you’d rather fool around and share your photos elsewhere, then we highly recommend the very comprehensive Camera+, Picplz has plenty of choice and Streamzoo is rather fun for Android users.

Becca Caddy


  • the way we use the photo app in the future. Either way, you might want to start looking  .

  •  your photos in a similar way, so we've collected together a few of our favourite alternatives.

  • The reason Facebook bought Instagram was because of its sharing platform. That was probably 99.99% of its value with 0.01% the filters. So comparing it with Camera+ isn't really apples and apples. 

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  • Interesting article Becca, just from personal observation the one that seems to be getting the most attention from core Instagram users is Tadaa, which I hadn't expected.  Tadaa has a different interface and filters, doesn't employ hash-tags and allows you to repost.   Though only a small part of my IG following has signed up to it, the ones that have are the most committed.   They've stuck around after registering and are currently posting away.


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  • If you enjoy editing your photos but you often sit at your desk fooling around with Instagram, then try a web-based editing tool instead. 

  • Eyeem has evolved as a very robust Instagram competitor. http://www.eyeem.com

    Personally, I like its Android version much better that the one of Instragram with more choices and auto-post to other services as well. Their user numbers increased tremendously after the news that Instagram was bought by Facebook. 

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  • Cool article – I've got some exploring to do now! I'm seeing lots of these around the web today as the Instanews makes the rounds. I'm a devoted Instagram fan, but have to say one of the benefits of getting into the service has been learning more about the photo-sharing and mobile-art worlds in general. Hipstamatic, as you note, immediately comes to mind, but I'm surprised not to see more networks like iPhoneArt.com or DeviantArt.com mentioned. I cover these here: 3 Instagram Alternatives: Beyond Facebook’s Instabillion Buy (where I also link to your article) and would would be curious to hear your perspectives on these or other networks, since the social aspect of Instagram has been such an important part of its success.

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