LulzSec and Anonymous take on Apple: Why are Hackers turning on a loved tech brand?

57-apple-hack-thumb.jpgUM – forget the Arizona police and the music industry, Apple is the new target of the hacking movement #AntiSec. Hackers loosely allied with hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous have thieved some data from Apple – the names and passwords of users in their business intelligence unit, according

The AnonymousIRC Twitter account linked to a snippet of information posted on pastebin which they claim is a taster of the info taken.

But why Apple?

I mean, we see their problems with the Arizona police, but the attack on Apple is interesting one, cos they’re a well-loved Tech Brand. Okay, we’re not shocked – obviously LulzSec’s big hack was the Sony PSP one.But still, it’s interesting.

Anonymous‘s stated aims are to provide “access to information and a venue to publish it”. But Anti-Sec’s are much more broad and general “Hack everyone you can and then hack some more”.

Could it be they got annoyed by the same things that pissed off our resident brand expert Laura the other day? See – Is Apple losing its cool? Why the ban on live gig recording could be one step too far

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Anna Leach


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