From smart barbies to blood pressure: 10 Ways we're Going to use the Internet of Things

8-rfidchipthumb.jpgThe Internet of Things – that dreamy world where everything from the bus to a packet of tomatoes is on the internet – was the focus of techie conference – Mobile Monday London yesterday.

And at one stage – the brains of the panel – sat down and brainstormed the main ways we’re going to use this new technology.

1) Healthcare
– one panellist said: “this is going to be the real revenue driver”. Because the field is so big, there is such demand for improved medical care, there will be many applications of the Internet of Things in Healthcare.
eg. smart blood pressure monitors that send information automatically to a computer which can monitor, and flag when problems come up.

2) Energy and Utility Measuring
Okay, don’t fall out of your seats with excitement, but smart meters that automatically update a central computer with readings will most likely be the new way that we measure our gas, electricity and water bills.
eg: smart electricity meter – more accurate, easier for users to monitor, could help save energy.

3) Cars
The chips are coming into the car.
eg. Could be used for anything from in-car entertainment to weather report, to accident reporting – though as one panellist pointed out, there are limitations – you couldn’t say, report an accident in a tunnel.

4) Fridges, microwaves
eg. your fridge will text you a reminder to get milk.. or better yet, will order it straight from the store itself

5) Sport
eg. stick a chip in a golf ball and get exactly accurate information about your stroke, the arc of your shots – how fast they go. You get the gist.

6) Smart toys
This is where barbie comes in. Imagine toys able to react to objects around them, or cameras. Lots of fun to be had here.

7) Casinos

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8) Disaster reactions
Say there’s a tornado or a huge accident and it becomes necessary to change the syncing of all the traffic lights – quickly. Embedded chips would make this a lot easier.

9) Transporting things
Local shop has run out of bananas – info like this could be sent directly from shelves to warehouses in a connected world. Machine to machine internet is going to be great for logistics, and will cut down on lots of human labour.

10) Construction industry
Chips attached to sensors could give information about load, stress and positioning. Buildings could maybe even assemble themselves – if the cranes got smart enough at reading the data.

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Anna Leach