Smart Pyjamas monitor how well you're sleeping: SleepShirt

28sleepshirt_x220.jpgWhen you wake up, you usually have a good idea of how well you’ve slept. But if your nightshirt had been monitoring exactly how well you’d slept, kept a record of it, and then transmitted it over to your computer… You’d have a much better idea of how well you’d actually slept.

That’s a thing now.

Using a fabric electronics technology invented by MIT students, a type of sleep analysis that measures your breathing instead of your brainwaves and a t-shirt – start-up Nyx Devices have made a nightshirt that can sense how well its wearer is sleeping.

The threads in the shirt detect how fast and deep you are breathing, then transmit that data to a chip in the pocket. It processes the data and uses it to work out what phase of sleep you’re in. That information can then be whizzed up into a graph that can be useful in analysing your sleep.

Called the Somnus Sleep Shirt, the company hopes to have a commercial product available by summer of 2012 for less than $100.

Embedding chips in everyday objects like this is all part of the internet of things.
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Anna Leach


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