Gaga album goes for 99 cents: Amazon undercuts iTunes with swinging discount

27-gaga.jpgNever afraid to slash prices to gain a quick sale, Amazon have turbo-boosted their music service into the popular consciousness by offering a $12 discount on Lady Gaga’s latest album – Born this Way. And it only cost $13 to start with.

Amazon boast that consumers will get savings of $12.87 compared to buying all songs individually.

It gives Amazon one-up on iTunes for what could be the biggest selling album of the year – Apple aren’t the habit of discounting things, so expect to see rivals Amazon doing a shed-load of sales..

Usually Apple get away with their policy of charging premium prices because they’re selling unique products. But when they sell music, they’re not. Interesting to see how they deal with this kind of competition.

Born this Way is $0.99 on

Anna Leach