Book publishers Random House get together with game-makers THQ: 5 Game-Books we'd like to see..


Paper book publishers Random House have teamed up with game-makers THQ – to start collaborating on products that bridge the gap between books and games..

Ebooks, graphic novels and online/console/phone games are expected to come out of the partnership, which will see books spinning out of successful game titles according to Gizmodo.

Much of the collaboration will be about immersing readers in fiction regardless of the medium they’re experiencing it on. Scenarios, characters and stories will take form across across different platforms…

“The Random House Publishing Group and THQ announced today a pioneering step in transmedia – the establishment of a joint team to create and develop original intellectual properties (“IP”) for publication across multiple mediums.” Random house announced in a press release.

They continued:

“This collaboration is a shining example of how we can generate interesting and exciting publishing opportunities as our various media continue to converge.
The team expects the new IP to first appear as a collection of games and books, while they further develop a rich IP universe that will allow for ongoing shelf life through other media. Drawing on rich skills and expertise in transmedia production, the team aims to bring a new level of quality to mutually created properties, expanding IP creation in ways that will immerse fans more fully in the fiction regardless of media.”

“We truly think that this is the new direction for entertainment, and we’re proud to be leading the way as we provide a platform for storytellers to have their visions realized across multiple mediums.” said Keith Clayton, director of creative development at Random House in a press release.

As well as new books being played out across multiple mediums – we’d like to see some movement the other way too though – with great books being adapted to the game world. How about these five?

1) Pride and Prejudice – you have to type in small talk and get points for the wittiness of your repartee.

2) Oliver Twist Can your urchin be top of the urchin pile while still remaining cute and morally strong?

3) The Bible – this would be amazing. The goal is salvation of course and you have to spend hours at the beginning begetting descendents.

4) Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace’s crazy tome about tennis academies, Quebecois separatism and drug addiction would be great as a game.

5) 1984 – how good would you be as a surveillance state? This game would get you repressing your citizens.

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Anna Leach


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  • Well, it means you might not be as tempted to skip those cut scenes anymore. If this venture is successful, the plot quality in games could increase dramatically. What exactly does all this synergy mean for the average gamer?

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  • Gamers Book? how would that be possible? hmmm are you meaning crosswords, suduko and bookworms? or any word puzzle games?

  • What does Random House means when they say they would create and develop original intellectual properties (“IP”) for publication across multiple mediums? what mediums?

  • I have an idea for a game book. it isn’t out there to buy, believe me i’ve looked at asked and i want to sell this idea because it will be a big sale, especially in retirement communities. i’ve titled and started but have just retired and not wanting to work on as much but would offer to someone else so we could all be rich. seriously, sandy

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