If famous novels were iPhone apps, what would they do?

It’s a question that so far some of the greatest minds in the country have avoided asking. Fortunately, we have the perfect excuse to dive into this exciting territory because… someone has just released A NOVEL COMBINED WITH AN IPHONE APP GAME – gasp – and I think that’s an amazing idea.

That someone is called Leila Johnston: she’s real funny and you can see a bit more her hybrid novel-app at the website here.. http://enemyofchaos.com/

We thought we’d jump on the novel-app combining bandwagon and ask: what if those olden-day novelists had the chance to make iPhone applications as a cunning multiplatform tie-ins with their literary masterpieces? What would Dickens/Austen/Tolkien/Salinger have done? Well. Take a look below.

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  • There are more to do now with a phone. Aside from sending messages and doing phone calls, technology have gone farther. Pones have become a necessity. As many apps are available, this device getting even better.

  • Thanks Anna! In fact, Enemy of Chaos is not actually out yet – both book and iPhone App will be out in September!

  • I think the bit about the homoerotic innuendos was a tongue-and-cheek remark on the part of the editor. You know, because so many people DO interpret the book that way. I thought it was funny, although I’ve always preferred the biblical-reference route myself. Also, as a copyeditor, I can say that focused can be spelled either way, and since the editor is British, perhaps the double-s is a British preference or just a personal one.

  • This looks like a very good idea. And it will be effective as well. iPhone apps are coming up in waves, news apps are being added everyday. I found an interesting one – http://www.dirtymouthapp.com/. It has got a whole lot of nice and dirty phrases.

  • pat, no no no. i’ve just finished reading MD and it was a noticeable feature. also picked up on in melville criticism http://bit.ly/13aGRG
    i certainly don’t think “emotion and affection between heterosexual males” should be a taboo of any kind. quite the opposite.

    focused/focussed? – http://bit.ly/7jpjk

  • On Moby Dick and homoerotic innuendo: so what?

    I’m confused as to why people point out homoeroticism as if it’s something to giggle under their breath about. You’d think that emotion and affection between heterosexual males is some kind of taboo. (Then again — it might as well be, seeing as how the magazines and tellies have hinted for decades that what men are supposed to do together is high five, drink beer, and talk about sports and pussy.)

    Also, you misspelled “focused.”

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