The 5 types of Gmail User

14 geek small.pngDoes opening your gmail inbox turn you into a Monkey of Madness? Or the Elephant of Overshare? Perhaps as a Shiny reader you’re more of a Geek of Glory.

Confused? no, be delighted. Illustrator and poet Giles Andraes, better known as Edward Monkton has created five little captioned illustrations to show the Five Types of Gmail User. Let us summarise them:

The Madness Monkey, a hidden genius and artistic type
The Random Rabbit, full of random nonsense and happy chaos
The Butterfly of Love, the social butterfly that always keeps in touch
The Elephant of Emotional Overload who (over)shares everything
The Geek of Glory, gadget-head supreme and personal tech support

It’s all part of Google’s cute and friendly initiatives, little clever ways products like Gmail can be customised. Cunningly each character type links up to a Gmail function or application: Gmail Labs for Geeks, Video chat for Elephants etc.

Apparently, the categories reflect the way Gmail actually considers its users.

“Giles Andreae has very creatively captured five prominent email personas — the same kind of characters that we keep in mind when we build new features,” said Christian Miccio, Product Manager for Google Mail.

And Giles? Well he thought that the “drawings are a great way to add some more personality and left-field fun to the digital space”.

See the five different types in our gallery, click the first image image below to start
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