Augmented Reality – with pens and paper


This art project is a cute take on Augmented Reality. Amsterdam-based artist Ben Heine‘s pen and paper drawings give a surreal twist to the idea of layering an imaginary world on top of the real world.

He’s bang on the interface of the real and the imaginary.

As the Augmented Blog says:
“If you a.) think augmented reality needs a human touch b.) look for inspiration because you are working on concepts at the interface of real and virtual or c.) just love to look at good, creative work you definitely should bookmark Ben´s stream!”

Ben explained in an interview how he considers his work.. “I somehow consider the surface of the image as a battle between drawing and photography and the tools of this fight are my « pencil » and my « camera ». So I usually choose photos with a striking subject and a specific action. It can also be nice to use a background scenery with a very simple or low semantic effect and make everything happen inside the small piece of paper.”


The great thing is that photo and drawing are 2 different ways of expression but they go well together and they definitely have the same purpose: share an idea, an emotion, a concept or a message.

Browse Ben Heine’s continually updated set of photos on Flickr.

[via Augmented Blog]
Anna Leach

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