Buff Gamers: they do exist – two Shiny readers show us what they've got

Well, we’ve had a few entrants so far for our highly scientific quest to prove that video game players aren’t all weedy nerds with the bodies of oxgen-starved 60 year olds as some stories claimed a few weeks ago. [Story: Shiny Quest: they’re not all like 60 year-old chainsmokers, finding the buff gamers]

Gerald of TechDigest has yet to send us a picture in but we’re looking forward to it..
Oh and thanks to Gerald we’d also like to point out that Vin Diesel is a gamer. And proud of it. Here’s a little picture.

857 vin.jpg

And as for the Shiny readers.. this is Kane.
He says: “I spend more time on my computer than I do sleeping but not all gamers work in IT and sit behind a desk. I’m lucky to stay fit with my job.

857 rock go.jpg

And this is Mikhael Cohen.
He says: “I play WoW often, with 3 level 80’s, 3 70+’s, and a 55 toon. I also play various other games constantly, including constantly trialing other MMO’s and other smaller games like Torchlight or L4D. I work out about an hour or more per day. Stay physically active, eat healthy! Don’t be lazy! I like games because they exercise my mind during my off hours.”

857 gamer 2.jpg

The quest is ongoing. Are you a buff gamer? Know one? Send us a picture: [email protected]

Anna Leach


  • Hmm, I just turned 16 and workout on a daily basis and even before I play Minecraft and Halo. I'm also a great wrestler too. P.S my profil picture is when I just turned 15 durning my wrestling season.

  • to michael's level? wtf are you talking about? all he has is a low fat percentage, there is no real visible muscle :)

  • Hmm, that seemed like a good idea at the time lol, I can’t believe only me and 1 other person sent their picture in. Maybe the newspaper was right.

    I’ve got a little way to go to get to Mikhael’s level though!

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