Spotify shuts down new installations after massive demand

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Spotify has temporarily stopped installations of their app as demand rocketed following the updates to the service announced yesterday.

Everyone with a Spotify account will get the new version of Spotify rolled out to them, but might have to wait for a few days.

Some users worked out that by logging out and reinstalling the Spotify app they could upgrade to the latest version without having to wait for the roll-out. You can’t do that any more. However if you decide to sign up to the premium service now, you’ll get the full bells and whistles versions instantly.

On their blog, Spotify said:

“We’re delighted to say that the demand for the next generation of Spotify has been overwhelming and in order to ensure that our systems can handle the additional usage we’re going to need to keep the roll out of the new version in check.

“Users will be automatically updated in the coming days. Currently, trying to download the new version directly from our website, or restarting Spotify, will not provide you with the latest upgrade. Please bear with us and thank you once again for your patience :)”

[via cnet]

Anna Leach