The Sun to run a 3D issue….

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British paper The Sun, mostly famous for its topless page 3 models, has just announced it will be launching a 3D issue.

Details are sketchy, as is exactly what it hopes to achieve by doing so. Making boobs project out of the page slightly? I certainly can’t wait.

It seems that the 3D element won’t be involving any fancy schmancy Augmented Reality or waving the paper at a webcam, but just a pair of 3D glasses. The 3D bits will just include the editorial, page 3, a football World Cup chart and some adverts. It’s coming out a week before the World Cup on 5th June.

Look forward to seeing Sun readers wearing funny glasses.

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Anna Leach


  • hey im demi lovato, you may have heard of me before on television or in magazines, or movies etc. However, i am making a trip to england soon and i am very interested in this 3d newspaper. As you may have realised that it is the 14th June and therefor meaning i have missed the first issue of the 3d sun. Does anybody know when the next one is out?
    Love demi x

  • A bit gimmicky maybe but 3D print technology has moved on so much since the tacky holograms that came out in the 80s, anyone remember the really bad ones that appeared on the front of cereal boxes and the like. News Internationals interest in this can only result in wider exposure of this very much improved print format and hopefully the outcome will be a positive step forward. Anyway, now comes the shameless self selling. I am a 3D artist that has worked on various cutting edge digital holography projects and if you want to see at what stage this technology is at then feel free to view my latest project on YouTube.

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