Siri – voice controlled virtual assistant app – bought by Apple

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We covered Siri the personal assistant app a little while ago in Siri: the virtual assistant iPhone app that we want in the UK and news has just come that the start-up has been bought out by Apple.

Siri listens to your voice and follows out commands when you speak to it in a certain way. In short, Siri offers a voice-controlled interface for a lot of smartphone functions – allowing users to do things like update facebook, find locations in maps or send emails by just talking at their phone.

The buy-out is fuelling speculation that Apple are considering turning Siri into a native app on their iPhone, something to look forward to on future editions.

Sadly, Siri is not available outside the USA yet.

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Anna Leach


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  • The voice data is supposed to be crowd-sourced and users will have the option to securely send their data to Apple.

  • The voice data is supposed to be crowd-sourced and users will have the option to securely send their data to Apple.

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