5 great US sites we want to come to the UK

We just covered music service Vevo a site that has become massive in the US but is yet to launch in the UK. A number of good American sites can’t be accessed from Britain – mostly music or video sites and mostly for reasons like country-specific copyright. (Well you could fake your IP address’s nationality by using proxies but that is RONG).

Here are five that we’d like to come to the UK:

Anna Leach


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  • Maybe if enough people contact Vevo about allowing UK residents to access the site the company might think twice.

  • GReat post thanks!, really enjoyed this article, will have to share it with my friends

  • Nice, but in the UK we can’t even see the above video!! VEVO is not available in the UK. What a load of crap, too much copyright nonsense going on at the moment and it’s only going to get worse. Pathetic.

    Also, Last.fm is not much like Pandora. Pandora allows you to create a radio station from an actual song not an artist which is a lot more specific. Particularly as artists can have a varied style of music. The lack of Pandora outside the US has really gone on to long now and I have lost interest entirely. I can only think of negative thoughts now when I think of Pandora.

  • Pandora is the same as last.fm by the sounds of it, so why not go there for an alternative, use spotify and youtube, and of course 4od, itv player and all those sites that show things like gossip girl etc. Does it really matter that some parts of the world get to watch them ahead of us? really? America gets to watch loads of stuff before us but it eventually comes here. Im going to be honest…This report is alot of twoddle.

  • For balance, we Americans, or anyone else outside the UK for that matter, can’t (legally) watch BBC or ITV viewers. It makes it so difficult to get a Gene Genie fix.

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