Eye-Fi X2 cards now on sale in UK

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Those Eye-Fi camera memory cards that we like telling you about are now finally on sale in the UK.

The cards are wifi-ennabled memory cards that automatically transfer files (jpegs, videos) to your computer when they have access to a wifi connection. It means files back up automatically and since it deletes files from the card after it back them up, you don’t run out of space on your card.

In parallel with the new family of cards going on sale in the UK, Eye-Fi has also announced the expansion of its Hotspot Access service, making use of hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi networks across the world. Eye-Fi expanded its Wi-Fi Hotspot Access footprint through a partnership with Devicescape, provider of Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for mobile devices. The service will go live in May 2010 and owners of an Eye-Fi Pro X2 or an Eye-Fi Explore X2 card will automatically benefit from the service expansion in several ways.

The X2 family of Eye-Fi cards have faster-than-ever wireless photo and video uploads, wireless 802.11n radios, improved performance, and virtually endless storage capacity with ‘Endless Memory’ mode. The new products range from £49.99 for the Connect X2, to £119.99 for the Pro.

Available now from Amazon.co.uk, Best Buy, Jessops and Warehouse Express.

See more about how Eye-Fi cards work and the updates in this second rangehere

Anna Leach