Getjar app store set to get big in the subcontinent, after deal with Indian network

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Getjar – the open-source cross-platform app store – has just done a deal with India’s biggest mobile network provider to bring their apps to hundreds of thousands of phones in India.

Getjar has paired with Reliance Communications which has over 100 million subscribers in India. Reliance subscribers will gain immediate access to GetJar’s apps store through Reliance’s platform R-World. It means apps will be available across multiple brands and not remain restricted to a few high-end smartphones. Getjar is already the fourth most visited mobile site in India.

Media attention is often on the big proprietary app stores: Apple’s iTunes, Windows, Android, Blackberry etc, but Getjar’s approach is cross platform providing apps that work on any phone with an internet connection. Their app store has a big advantage in an area like India because it adds a lot of extra functionality to basic phones.

Because of India’s billion-strong population and the massive interest in communications and mobile phones, this could see Getjar jumping ahead in a key and underdeveloped market. India is adding more mobile phone subscribers each month than any other country according to the press release.

Getjar’s trump card is that it ups the functionality on mid-range phones pushing them into the level of app-enabled smartphones.


Anna Leach


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  • hi rory – good point. The most important feature for the end-user is that getjar is cross platform.

    i think me referring to them as open-source comes from when i covered them after interviewing an exec here a few months ago.

    he mentioned GJ being open-source and i think he was referring to the developer forums where a lot of getjar apps start off as having an open-source mentality. roughly as defined here i guess:
    interestingly getjar don’t say open-source anywhere on their site now. maybe things have changed…
    um, if i can explain that better later i’ll pop back.

  • Hi Anna,

    Could you explain what you meant by “open-source” in your description:

    “Getjar, the open-source cross-platform app store”


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