Hello new Spotify: relaunch plugs music site into Facebook

In the largest feature upgrade since the Spotify launch in late 2008, the music streaming and purchasing service has add a host of social features linking Spotify more closely to Facebook.

At the heart is a fully editable Spotify music profile, with the ability to publish playlists, top artists and top tracks for public view. These profiles plug into Facebook’s social network – letting you find your friends.

The public part is editable which means you don’t need to publish your embarrassing 90s cheese list to the world but can add your carefully selected playlists. You can also upload Spotify profiles to blogs and other websites.

It’s easy to share music with friends – drag and drop tracks onto their name. A Facebook feed on the home page will show you music your friends have posted on Spotify.

Apart from the social integration there are some library features too which let you upload music from your computer to Spotify so you can listen to it there – making Spotify the main go-to music player for most people.

The changes are rolling out over the next few days so may not be visible yet.

Spotify launched in October 2008 and now has 7m users, though only 320,000 pay the £9.99 monthly subscription to access the ad-free, premium version of the service.

See the announcement on the Spotify blog here

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Anna Leach