Five things (not) to say about the iPad while we're all waiting for it

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So, we all got over the “doesn’t that sound like a feminine hygiene product” thing back at launch in February. Though it was funny it’s not worth saying either that or “but I thought it had a camera” again. We’ve moved on. The iPad is landing on shelves in American shops on Saturday 3rd April and in the UK on an unconfirmed date towards the the end of April.

Up until it does arrive and probably for a good bit after, you can expect people to be talking about it a lot. So you’re planning to get one so why not chip in with a few little gems to show an insouciant familiarity with the device…

1) “My, it will be the ideal device for personal video viewing. Just looking forward to kicking back on my sofa and watching youtube in high resolution.”

2) “Yes, already got my Wall Street Journal subscription lined up. $17.99 a month. What a bargain.”

3) “My Ralph Lauren case is in the post.”

4) “I haven’t got a baby so it will be like my baby but it will be a bit cheaper in the long-run.”

5) “Can wait to use iLighter on that big screen.”

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Anna Leach


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