Facebook penetration: a whopping 40% in Canada – with UK a close second

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Research from website-monitoring.com showed up some pretty stunning figures for Facebook visitors. Facebook has 400million active members half of whom sign in every day and spend an average time of 55 minutes browsing the site. They also ranked countries by number of Facebook users. And though the USA was predictably first – the UK was an impressive second, especially considering the UK’s much smaller population. See graphic above.

We divided the number of facebook users in each of the countries by the total population of each of those countries to get an idea of Facebook’s penetration. A stunning 40% of Canadians have Facebook profiles, while the 38% of Brits do. In America the figure is 36%.

It’s not entirely surprising Canadians are keen Facebookers, they are one of the most wired countries in the world with 84.3% of the total population online (according to Wikipedia)

In the UK 76.4 % of people use the internet according to World Internet Stats.

1st US FB profiles: 111,212,840 / USA population: 307,006,550 = 36.2%
2nd UK FB profiles: 23,449,100 / UK population: 61,399,118 = 38.2%
3rd Indonesia FB profiles: 33,311,389 / Indonesia population: 228,248,538 = 14.6%

Canada, the country with the 9th most facebook members has an even higher rate of Facebook profiles to members of the population – with FB profiles 13,424,180 and a total population of 33,311,389 has 40.2%.

Anna Leach

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  • actually internet serfar in the world mostly from usa highest visits in facebook from usa thats not new but uk and canada also got rank in facebook visitors amazing mostly users using facebook in uk and canada.

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