10 things you need to know about the Apple iPad

1 apple ipad.jpgLaunched to hype, applause, and a breathless audience Apple’s iPad has been eagerly awaited. Some don’t like the name, others were expecting more of a wow factor but we still got a pretty interesting product. Steve Jobs described the iPad as “magical and revolutionary” and placed it between MacBooks and iPhones in functionality, adding that it marked a cross roads between technology and the liberal arts. Here 10 things you should know about the iPad:

1. It’s like a big iPod Touch: same apps, same frame, same sort of touchscreen (capacitive & multitouch, not OLED) it’s all just a bit bigger, 960mm by 640 as we understand. Oh you can customise the backdrop though.

2. The iPad will have 3G internet, provided in America by AT&T the same providers Apple used for iPhone. You can’t phone anyone, it’s not a phone.

3. Apps will sync: All iPhone and iPod apps will work straight-off on the iPad – they don’t need to be rebuilt. You will be able to sync your iPod or iPhone with the device so you don’t need to download everything twice or reinput your calendar details.

4. Cheaper than we expected… starting at $499 (£309) but if you want more than 16G memory and to get 3G internet on it (and you probably will) that’s a bit more, $829 (£513) for a 3G enabled 64G model.

5. It’s got iWork onboard
– giving you functionality like document editing: making the iPad more of a computer than a smartphone.

6. Battery life not bad: Battery life is 10hrs of video use, or a month on standby

7. Good eReader: The iPad will work well as an e-reader with an off-white background, nice page turning gestures and an online book store, iBooks part of iTunes. The book they demo-ed cost $14.99 (about £9.30). Little pricey? Maybe. They’ve also got a deal with the New York Times: the NYT made a news app specially for iPad. See our article on the iPad’s media partners.

8. It’s got no camera and can’t support flash
, though does show videos in High Quality

9. Keyboard available as accessory: You can buy accessories like a keyboard + dock which lets you input text, though also bumping the price up. The iPad does have a touchscreen keypad, like the iPhone’s.

10. Apple made their own custom chip to run this off: it’s1ghz.

Available to buy now on Apple.com, wifi models will be shipping in March and 3G models in April http://www.apple.com/ipad/

Anna Leach


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    • Seriously, I would like to be on the net everywhere I go, but I wouldn’t want to lug around this thing.

  • oops good point. 960 x 640 pixels – that’s the screen resolution. it’s 10 inches across. correction due

  • @Alan yes – good point the cost of the extras is going to add up with this device.

    @mattmchugh – interesting analysis of the business side- yeah that makes sense.

  • Imagine this:

    You start at a new job, and instead of a computer, they hand you an iPad. That iPad is tied to the company network — getting all of its applications, data, web/e-mail access streamed to it from a secure wireless server managed by the IT department. On your desk, you have a keyboard and mouse you can plug into your iPad when sitting. Otherwise, you can pick it up, take it to meetings, use it as you like anywhere within Wifi or 3G range.

    If you need new software (updated Word processing or Spreadsheet application), it’s streamed directly to your iPad. No more IT guy running around with a CD to perform upgrades. No constant Windows Service Pack nonsense or virus definition updates. If you drop or lose your iPad, no big deal. It’s lot cheaper than a desktop or laptop computer, and all the company’s data and software is always hosted on the server… not the device. The iPad is a secure, mobile, wirelessly tethered computer perfect for a business user’s daily needs. And, people love using it because it’s cool and simple.

    Imagine that. Imagine Apple FINALLY getting what it never had before: a real, business enterprise-level category killer. All from this thing that, at first glance, looks like a gigantic iPod Touch.

    Interesting times.

    – mattmchugh.com

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