The water-powered clock: the most eco-friendly timepiece ever?

287 clock 1.jpgIt doesn’t need batteries, solar panels or winding, it just needs water. The Water Powered Clock sounds like something out of mythology, but it’s real and it’s turning H2O into energy somewhere near you.

All you have to do to keep the clock ticking is change the water every six months. It uses “the latest electrochemical technology” to power the digital display with water and there are no emissions or waste. Shaped like cans, the clocks are available in four colours.

It’s not an alarm – water obviously isn’t that powerful yet, but it does look quite cute and displays the time on the digital panel at that front. Pair it up with Efergy’s showtime water-use monitor as a green present for the eco-warrier in your life.

Even better, get GreenStamp’s water-powered clock making kit and let your green friend experiment with what liquids make the clock run. A good one for kids.
287 water clock MAIN.jpg

Water-Powered Clock: £9.99 from GreenStamp
Water-Powered Clock making kit: £19.99 from GreenStamp

Anna Leach