How much water do you use in the shower? showertime gadget can tell you

283 Efergy_shower_timer.jpgIf you’re an eco-conscious person you may measure your carbon footprint, or regulate how much produce from New Zealand you buy. Eco-conscious or not you probably have some idea how much gas you use.

Well, a new gadget lets you go a bit further and work out how much water you use, but only in the shower. Good if you’re being eco – and good if you’re being tight – because the Efergy Showertime promises to cut down on bills.

283 shower.jpgThe Showertime doesn’t just time you in the shower it monitors how much water you are using and shows this in numeric and graphical formats. Any gadget which produces a graph is always good in my books.

The Showertime will allow you to set targets for water usage and will sound an alarm when that target is reached. They say this could help to save 1000s of litres of water each year and save money on metered water bills, The Showertime monitor comes with a container that is used to measure the flow rate of the shower or bath and when the container is full the monitor is set.

Efergy say the monitor is great for comparing volumes of water used between family members and is an important tool in teaching children the importance of saving water. Sounds like it might add more fuel to the “you spend too long in the shower” arguments though having a shower alarm does sound a little stressful. Still, at least you’d know how much water you’re using.

£8.99 from greenstamp

Anna Leach

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