If Borders closes – what will geeks do in cities?

281 borders 2.jpgA story on the BBC suggests that book store Borders is teetering on the edge of the closure due to financial woes.

This is bad. This is practically a Severe Geek Alert – if Borders closes its 45 UK stores where will geeks go when they’re wandering around the cold streets of British cities? Hardly into, like, a fashion shop. No shelter for fragile geeks there, nowhere to sit down and stare moodily into the art section while sipping an Americano. Just lots of terrifying people and no armchairs.

WH Smith is alright if you want to buy a magazine… but way too noisy to hang around in, and no, there are no coffee shops in WH, just little kids who keep running into you.

The BBC says: “Reports have suggested Borders does not have enough cash to last until Christmas. It is thought it could go into administration if no buyer is found.

“The chain, which also owns Books Etc, has suffered from increased competition from online retailers, such as Amazon, as well as supermarkets.”

GULP. Can the government fund Borders in the interest of the nation’s geeks?

Anna Leach


  • Waterstones isn’t a patch on Borders. Their book selection isn’t anywhere near as good, especially in the Computer section. What’ll happen to all those Paperchases? And then there’s Borders magazine section <3

    @Percy – Really hope the news isn’t doom for you, that really sucks :( Good luck

  • @percy – yikes – sympathy. hope someone does buy you guys out – any shiny readers got a bit of cash and want a great bookstore chain?

  • i work at borders, we are waiting for the news of doom today, suppliers have cut us off, and we would like to know when we are all out of a job. there is STILL HOPE! SOMEONE PLEASE BUY US AND TURN US BACK INTO A DECENT BOOKSTORE

  • There’s always Waterstones, which has bookstores on many high streets in the UK! But Borders will be missed, and who knows how long Waterstones is going to be on the high street for too…

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