Find movies on the go – Google Mobile Search makes movie trips easier

288 google movies.jpgSearching for movies near you while out and about? Google just made it a lot easier. Google Mobile Search now presents movies near you in easy-to-use listings form, listings that take account of your current location and what time it is.

So much more helpful and so much easier than browsing the mobile sites of individual cinemas.

Go to in the web browser on your iPhone, Palm WebOS, or Android-powered device, search for “movies”, and then tap on the “More movies” link. From there, you can either browse a list of movies or select the “Theaters” button to browse a list of theaters near you.

You can also read reviews, watch trailers, and get directions to the cinema. Searching for the name of the film also works. Thank you Google.

Check out the video demonstration of their new feature:

[via Mashable]
Anna Leach