Cutest speakers ever? Speakal's iPom and iPig…

289 speakal pig 1.jpgWant to get speakers for your iPod or laptop but tired of all that minimalist black and silver? Meet the iPig. He’s pink, round and plastic and plays your music while looking like, well, a pig. Putting whimsy and colour back into gadget design iPigs – also the iPanda, the iBoo and the iPom – are made by Speakal.

The specs on these unusual speakers are good for their size. The iPig is an iPod dock, also connects via cable to laptops, games consoles, TVs and MP3 players. Press its ears to control the volume, it has five speakers with adjustable bass and treble and a remote control. Available in several colours, its mouth glows neon green.

Speakal’s latest offering for the Christmas season is the even-wackier than usual iPom, an apple-shaped speaker with two detachable flowers… it connects to anything with a 3.5mm input and has three speakers.
289 speakal ipigs.jpg

Not what you’d want to run a house party on, or impress a music buff with… but great for adding a bit of sound and colour to your desk.

iPig – $119 – from Speakal
iPom – $99 – from Speakal

Anna Leach