Tesco gets the iPhone

286 tesco bag.jpgIs there anything Tesco’s doesn’t do? The British supermarket chain announced today that they are releasing the iPhone on Tesco Mobile. The 3G and the 3Gs will be available from Tesco stores with mobile phone sections and from Tesco Direct – their online store in the very near future.

We don’t know what the deal will be like yet : though it’s through a joint venture with O2, so it could be that they won’t differ significantly from what O2 has on offer. But with Tescos’ having made its name through cutting prices and value offerings we can at least hope that the pricing will be competitive, even if it won’t change the game completely.

You can pre-register here.

And you can bet it will be released before Christmas.

Anyone think it’s going to make the iPhone lose its niche appeal if it’s available in the same place you get your cornflakes and toilet roll?

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Anna Leach

One thought on “Tesco gets the iPhone

  • Cannot see this making it loose it’s niche appeal. I can only see this happening when the Android platform/marketplace catches up with it.

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