The USB eyelash curler – at last (!!!1)

244 eyelash curler.jpgIs there anything that can’t be powered through a USB port? The national grid? Sex toys? Don’t answer that – we imagine someone somewhere has hooked at least one of them up to a USB port.

It wouldn’t surprise me if that person worked at Thanko, the company behind the latest cunning invention to hit your computer’s USB dock – a USB Eyelash Curler. I personally have been scared off eyelash curlers of all sorts since reading about a girl in a student newspaper who pulled all of her eyelashes out with one accidental yank and had to walk around eyelash-less for months till they grew back.

But, if you’re sold on the concept of eyelash curling, and you have a few spare USB ports with nothing better to do… invest in this sleek model [W37 x H150 x D23mm] which can use AAA batteries if you happen to be further than 40cms from your laptop.
Use your laptop’s camera as a mirror why not?

Priced only in yen, international shipping is available.

¥ 2,980.00 from

[via InventorSpot]

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Anna Leach