Souped-up new TomTom app for iPhone

Smarter and better than its predecessors, an updated TomTom app for iPhone is working its way through Apple’s approval processes. Should be out in the next few months and if you use the iPhone’s TomTom app this update should be something to look forward to.

New features include:
1. Lane guidance: giving drivers extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions. Available in both portrait and landscape orientations.Helpful considering that this must be one of driving’s most stressful moments.
2. Text-to-speech technology helping motorists to keep their eyes on the road by enabling street names and places to be read aloud as part of the spoken instructions
3. “Help Me” providing direct access to emergency numbers and directions to the nearest emergency providers
4. Customisable audio warnings when approaching safety cameras or driving over the speed limit, increasing driver safety and saving money
5. iPod player control ensuring drivers can conveniently control their music from within the application.

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They’ve also updated the map and safety camera database. Features like the within-app iPod controls are nice touches from a manufacturer that ha – shows they’re really paying attention to the driving experience and

Existing app owners will get this upgrade for free.
TomTom UK and Ireland iPhone app can be bought for £59.99 from iTunes

Anna Leach


  • are you kidding me? TomTom for the iPhone is terrible. a complete waste of money. the fact is, the only thing that is on the screen, no matter where you travel, is the message that they cannot find GPS service.

    oh, and refund that purchase? TomTom either says “buy the new carkit” and it should help. or “talk to apple about a refund.” Apple of course says “talk to tomtom about a refund.”

    my decision to trust TomTom and purchase the app was an absolutely terrible decision. I will not compound that poor decision by purchasing a carkit from that same company. update coming in “the next few months.” wonder how much they’ll charge for the update with all these “new features.” i’ll pass

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